Monday, 1 October 2012

'Photo Noir'

CHRISTMAS PORTRAITS....ALREADY....WELL YES. With the time involved in arranging suitable times and the production times involved in producing these magnificent works of art we need to be starting shooting for Christmas right about now. Check out my little 'Photo Noir' promo page and share it easily with all your friends. Oh and there is no session fee up until the end of November so if you want to give an emotional, unique, personal and simply wonderful gift at Christmas Time just give me a call.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011



Hidden Peebles - Finally scored the entries. If you want to see the full answers pop into the gallery sometime.
Finally got round to marking all the entries for the HIDDEN PEEBLES QUIZ. Some really close entries BUT no one got them all. 4 people had only one wrong - Karen Cornwall, Simon Carrol and Dave MacKenzie got them all right except for the same question - "You may think it's easy, and think your not weak but what reigns supreme here, is the answer I seek. The answer was TASTE not The Prince of India. Margeret Brunton got them all right except for the question "First find the tile, it's easy if you try, there is only 2 surnames starting with Y" The answer is Young and Yellowlees NOT A Young and AG Young. Brilliant attempt by all who entered, if you want to see the full answers pop into the gallery sometime.

Friday, 25 February 2011

CURRENT WORK - Feb 2011 - Las Vegas - Phase One / P40+ / 110mm and 28mm Lenses

These portraits and street shots were taken in and around
the Las Vegas Strip while attending the WPPI conference
in the MGM Grand.

Downtown Elvis

911 was an Inside Job

Danielle & Carmen

Elvis Lives

Rush Hour

Shopping in Sillouette

Party Girls

Making Up

Girl and Dog

Kid with Gun & Toy!!!

Playing to the Camera

Street Performers

Helmet Dude

The Singing Cowboy

Native Indian at Grand Canyon